Research Achievements

  • A major paradigm shift is shown to emerge requiring enhancement of the conventional reductionist approach in modern science by introduction of a novel non-reductionist methodology, as a necessary and sufficient complement to modern science. The introduction of metaphysics into the physical modern science signifies, Science Comes of Age
  • Unified Cognitive Field Theory of Consciousness has been developed by the interaction of cerebral cortex and the Universal Field of Quantum-Consciousness pervaded by nourons capable of instantaneous communication.
  • Reconciliation of the Classical and Quantum Physics: Toward a Unified Quantum Field Theory (Theory of Everything.)
  • Consciousness: Foundations of Integrative Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • Field of Epistemic Faculty of Consciousness in its regulation of integration of multisensory information to engender meaning in a conscious experience, and its semantically coextensive representation in the brain, before meaning is verbalized, on a four-dimensional, non-Euclidian curved Sensesound continuum.
  • Role of the Field of Epistemic Faculty of Consciousness toward a Unified Meta-Cognitive Field of Mind on the Sensesound.

Applications of Consciousness

  • Developed an Imagery of Higher Power, as a source of Hope and Willpower, as a healing modality for application in a truly pluralistic patient-physician psychotherapeutic situation.
  • Explained the phenomenon of Nonlocal instantaneous correlation between a pair of entangled photons over arbitrary distances, in quantum mechanics.
  • Neuropsychological substantiation of Einstein’s epistemology that concepts are not formed inductively by extending the immediate sense experience, but are invented as free creations independent of the sense experience.
  • Tested the relevance of the Imagery of Higher Power for its effectiveness as therapeutic modality in a pluralistic sample of one hundred care-givers during Continuing Education seminars, at the Cleveland State University