• Investigation into the phenomenon of Freewill, and the Self.
  • Investigation into Spirituality and morality based on the postulate that spirit is Consciousness.
  • Examination of the postulate that monotheism constitutes healthy cognitive trait, in contrast with negation of monotheism, or subscription to pantheism or polytheism, constituting cognitive deficit.
    Investigation into a spiritual nexus between Brahmanic and Arrahmanic monotheisms as a basis of universality of monotheism.
    Development of an academic discipline, Science of Religion, based on the grand paradigm shift in modern science leading to a theory of consciousness.
    Investigation into meaning and purpose of life of an individual and society.

Books (forthcoming)

  • Draft of a book on “Consciousness: Foundations of a Conscious Mind”
  • Revised version of “Creation of Man and Human Development” (published earlier, in 1992.)
  • Science of Religion: A Vision within Sight